Marouen Helali

Software Developer 💻 • Cloud Enthusiast ☁️• Freelance Writer 📖 • Git Guru 🧘• DevOps Fanatic ⚙️ • Marathon Runner 🏃• Certified Scuba Diver 🐠

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Create, Dockerize, and deploy your Angular application using Google Cloud Run. Medium Article:
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Exploring ExpressJS and Pug. Demo:
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Command line interface for League of Legends Players. Can be used to get champion information and counters. Learn More:
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Simple React Native app that can be used to store important car documents to a Firebase Database. Go paperless, dump your old traffic tickets, and empty your glovebox today, with the help of this app and the reliability of Google Firebase.
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Web application that allows you to get the counters of a specific League of Legends champion.
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FULL ANGULAR CRUD APP. This app will use forms to take in data from a doctor about their patients, validate it, and store it in a database. It will allow the doctor to keep track of the patient data and to take not of changes and updates about them. Demo:
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React Web UI for my personal Twitter Timeline. Demo:
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Create and deploy a Bootstrap static website to Google Firebase Hosting from scratch in less than five minutes. Medium Article:
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Create and deploy a Vue.js app to Heroku from scratch in less than five minutes. Medium Article:

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